We’re sad. Sad because we can’t be at the rink this Halloween, wearing our best scary/funny costumes, skating, snacking on slices of pizza, and enjoying the company of our hockey community. With the pandemic affecting families on many levels, your financial support can still make a significant difference for a player in the upcoming year. So we are pulling it together online this year, like everything else these days, because the needs are still there.

We launched our first ever Online Auction! Through this auctions, the Sabercats are stepping up effort to provide aid to players that might otherwise have to sit out from clinics, skills sessions and the (eventual) season. Hockey is for everyone and our goal is to get everyone back on the ice! We want to keep our kids skating, engaged and excited to be part of the Sabercata Family.

There are a number of way to participate

All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 organization.

Thank you for considering a gift!